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3-D Layer

Making use of the z-axis placing you have the ability to layer compound on top of each other. If you place several elements at the similar x plus y collaborates, every new aspect will cover up the previous aspects.

To keep away from this z-index greater or lower. In the following you will notice how using the z-index 2 lines of text with roughly the very same absolute area are put on the processing of search engine optimization and web designed page.

Text design commonly used text homes have been covered here. a few of these may not work Netscape so before you execute it in your websites please crosscheck in your web browsers. Using these properties you format and area out your text.


The letter- spacing property you to control the amount of space between letters in your content. The default is spacing.


The text-align property enables you to regulate the text position of your material. You can align to the left, right, middle or validate.

Text- design

This home lets you connect features comparable to highlight, line-throiugh, overline or no line at all to text. it is usually used to eliminate the underlines from links.

Just like the dynamic features, which we covered in the previous section, style sheets too are not supported at the exact same level by Netscape communicator and net traveler. Their support varies in degrees, so the comparable code could or might not emerge in one or the other of these browsers

Web Server

Till now you have been reviewing about means to enhance your internet design pages using html, JavaScript or dhtml. in this we will be doing something various. We will cover web servers and how they are made use of to put web sites online.

Internet servers are an exceptionally substantial part of the net. They are basically program request that resides on a device added to the internet. Whenever a demand is received from an internet browser for a file then this program application located the file and sends it back to the browser to be shown. If you remember, internet servers and internet browsers interact to each other utilizing a protocol called http.

Apart form just showing files to the browser, web servers likewise perform fill management, carry out cgi script, p [procedure kinds, authenticate information and do safety measure checks. in this episode you will too check out pertaining to locating a web server and the process and kids of place up your own internet server

Locating an internet server.

Once you have over with you internet website development you need to find a web server to host your internet site. If you are accessing internet through your college or work place then it is finest that you ask with your office for enabling you to provide internet pages utilizing their internet server. If you mean to publish your website on a complimentary web server then all you have to do is look for on the web for internet sites which lease out web space.

We will cover internet servers and how they are used to put web sites online.

If you remember, web servers and internet browsers communicate to each various other using a protocol called http.

When you have over with you web website development you need to discover an internet server to host your web website. If you are accessing web with your college or work place then it is finest that you ask with your workplace for permitting you to provide web pages using their web server. If you suggest to release your website on a complimentary web server then all you have to do is look for on the web for internet websites which rent out internet gap.